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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  March 8, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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with marco rubio. >> you think rubio is out there? >> i think he can recover. they got to do something. >> thank you for watching. stay tuned to fox news for the latest on the downed airliner.
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>> tonight on huckabee. putin blows off warnings to back off in ukraine. what does the u.s. do if diplopacy with russia doesn't work. obama extends cancelled health plans two years. >> the law was drafted and didn't cover everybody. and some people got cancellations. >> insurance companies say not so fast. can you get your cancelled plan back? non the brink of being deported to germany. a home schooling family is allowed to stay in america. what pressured the obama administration to let them stay?
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. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you, thank you very much and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. the question presented in light of the crisis in crimea, what should the president do? it is the wrong question. the question is, what should the president had been doing past five years to avoid this? vladimar putin didn't just wake up one day to drop in on crimea to look at the port. he made a gamble that bark bookkeeper obama who fumbled the ball in syria and turned his redline in a red face and botched what was a reloyable
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egyptian ally. and only flexibility so manies to be with the truth. president obama who relaxed sanctions on iowa ran and face slapped by the iowa rannians who danced in the streets and forgetting what they wanted and giving nothing in return. and treats israel like a disease and palestinians like a vow. and obama who left four to it do i in benghazi. he is not respected and not feared by putin and so when putin had an excuse to protect his interest and storm in crimea no one stopped him. if shivered it is only because
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he went shirrless onna a cold. >> and putin has his bot bot their next. and they might like the idea of ukranian freedom and not as much as the home and fouled by russian oil and gas. and had america turned on their own spic on thes of energy. we have's president who doesn't loc owl or gas or coal or nuclear energy. he oops for green energy which is great but no one knows how to make it profitable. and fear for america to stand down. we wore ours out in afghanistan and cutting back on what is left of it. we'll have the smallest military since preworld war ii.
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no nation trusts us or respectses or fores us. we are the shakiest gun in the west and president obama is pleaing the role of don knots or that of deputy barney fiffe. one bullet in the shirt pocket, but one bullet barney had one bullet. and putin doesn't have a shirt and we don't have a bullet in the pocket of ours. (applause) >> well on thursday, president obama spent an hour the phone with the russian counterpart and did little to persuade putin. can obama sway putin from his stance. ambassador, it is a pleasure to
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have you here. you understand the situation more than most. everybody talks about what america sees in this. i don't hear many people speaking about this from the russian perspective. what is putun looking at crimea and ukraun? >> he is clearly someone who came to power as president and replacing president yeltsin for all of the democratic instinct and presided over a great loss of wealth in russia and loss of territory. putin came to pour in 2,000 and vowing to restore russia and getting respect abroad. and i think what we so now, is that how president putin defying
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that has changed. if in 2,000 he was one of the first people to call president bush, after the 9/11 attacks. he over ruled his war cabinet and green lighted the placement of american bases in central asia, it was because he saw russia's interest served by american fighting the taliban. i think now even though president putin has continued to help america by allows war planes to transent through russian air space in afghanistan, increasingly he is less interested in partnership with the west, and more interested in making russia strong at home and in a sense recreating some of what was lost when the soviet union fella part. >> part of what is going on. president putin sos it as an
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opportunity to stable otherwise the ports and in light of what happen in keef cove or is this the first of many steps that we expect him to rebuild back the old soviet empire? >> i don't think he can build back the soviet empire. the port that the black sea naval are using was there as part of a long- term list. that was nothing he risked losing. what he was concerned about was the political changes in cove keef in which he thought he had a president in yanukovych who would support russia and join russia in the economic union that president putin wants to build and saw it fall apart in a way he didn't countenance.
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>> is the united states, they are in a position of being a bystander in all of this? is the president doing something or not rote now? >> no u.s. president is ever willing to ittous the military. president didn't when they went in hungary and president bush didn't when they went in georgia. but the russia is tied in the economic international situation than they were ten years ago. and fully half of russia's foreign trade is with western ourp. if the europeans were to get serious about the embargo of russian gas which they could do now. russian doesn't have the monopole. it is possible with the sanctions that president obama
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announced that we could begin to change the calculation in moscow. we need to spend diplomacy in the days to come with the european allies as we do with the russians in moscow. >> mr. ambassador thank you for your invite. we appreciate you being with us today. >> and a senior pentagon official said going to the war over ukraine in the u.s. best interest. what happens next? if you would like to comment on the show and share with me your thoughts. go to mike you can connect with me on
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>> says there is a dup dippic path. president obama said the u.s. is upholding security and democracy for the european and nato allies. major bob scales and former lieutenant commander roeshg denver join me now. thank you very much. general, the uprising that we have seen, is there and military option or contingent that the president needs to publicly put out there to this ukranian situation? is that to me, governor. >> yes, >> this are, governor. there is several steps that we could make far and beyond a few fighter planes. first of all an option to move's combat brigade in polland.
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we could do that. and second to put, really, really aircraft in places like poland and the balka n states. in many ways the russian military is a joke. they don't have a single staelt fighter plane. their army is ildisciplined and their navy has one operational ship in the black sea. no one knows that. they haven't put real military pour in the face of russia to force putin to come to grips and tell the rest of the world it is it a holow shell. we could do a lot more, short of going to war over the ukraine before putin restarts the campaign of imperial aggression.
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>> one of the concerns would be that in order to do that and make it work, you have to have a president that the other believes is willing to pull the drugger is necessary. does putin believe that this president would pull the trigger. you never pull a gun unless you plan to use it? >> first of all, if we7c pointe a gun, put up would back down. he is facing 5 million men and women in nato and he would back down. the strategy that putin is using is call thrust and pause. grab a piece of territory and pause. six times since the russian aggression in georgia. he realizes his best opportunity is before america elects a new
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president. and that escalates the risk that putin would act much sooner in order to gain a piece of the ukraine or estoppia which is 40 percent russian. >> commander, the fore -- fear is would nato say no to vladimar putin? >> it is always hard to attack a guess or predict what nato will do in the face of aggression. it is a good question to ask. they are on the front lines. i agree with the general. we could move powerful assets on positions on the chessboard that would not do harm, but then the greater context of the ambassador, are we willing to do anything with it? are the words when our leaders
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say we are using aggressive conversation in these negotiations. and you confirm by saying that we are using aggressive words that you are not by saying. that if you were, you wouldn't need to back it up. that's what aggressive words will do. >> i lolled footballing to get a -- only have 30 seconds left. if president obama hadn't fumbled in egypt and syria and iran would we be in a different position with putin? >> absolutely. i think he has the measure of the man. i think bad leaders in the world have as well. and the next three years for the potential enemies is a prime opportunity to continue to elevate the threat against america. no question.
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>> commander your thoughts? >> we are sadly the boy, who cried wolf. until we attack that back we'll be in the negative in making statements or moves to move forward. absolutely. >> thank you both. and great to have you here. your perspective is valuable to us. thank you, governor. >> and the things we see from all of this, america has to be willing to use strength. best to have the strength we need and never have to use. it >> she is a cancer patient and had health care and it worked for her. and then obama care, she got dropped and the plan with the affordable care act didn't cover
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her meditation.
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>> this week the obama administration said people who wanted to keep their health care plans for two years. since that introuchlt stephen's mother received an interview saying she is covered for the whole next year. joining me is kathryn blackwood and her husband dr. robert blackwood. dr. black wood we are glad you are here.
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stephen wrote a letter and suddenly you got your coverage restored. why did that happen, kathryn? >> first of all, thank you for having me on the show. he wrote an extraordinary article that is true and drou a lot of attention and within two days, the vice-president of humania called him and he negotiated with ste ven. and now you have experience covering all of my cancer treatments. >> that would have been expensive? >> how much is it for that medication? >> if we had to pay if it, it would be 4200 every two weeks and i receive the bone med for your bones and i am not the cost
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it is like a thousand and administered by enfusion. >> i can't help but think it is more than figures and facts and dollars and cents. what does it do to you when your life is in the balance and a insurance company saying we'll not give you your medicine. >> i had fear and dread and terror and stress. i spent countless hours on the internet and telephone. and i am used to negotiating because i work in administrator at our office. it was an incredible time. i can't tell you how a cancer patient feels first of all they are a burden on their family and system and your physicians have to do so much for you. and you feel loc you are on your
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open journey and feel lobe you can do it yourself and prosowed and go forward, it is so much more hope in your life, just to prosowed as a normal person and you hit those impasses, it is incredibly difficult and my family came to my aid. my son did an amazing job and helped me out. and my husband, and all of our children are supportive, i worry about the people who tonight have that and can't negotiate. they don't have their son writing a wall street article. >> that is what is so significant. it is tough to fight cancer and fight to get the medication that keeps you alive. and you are a person experienced and you work in the clinic and understand the language and even then it was a stress.
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dr. black wood, folks don't know, you guys came here from canada and you were a doctor in the canadian system and escaped what you ended up inheriting in america. how does that make you feel that we are going the way of the system in canada. >> i was amazed to come to the united states and phoned out how many options and choices that were available. one of our sons 14 had a nasty fracture in both bones. and the follow-up appointment here he was offered a mri the next day. this is going back 20 years, there was one mri scanner in the ento entire atlantic remmingion. i was floored. not every child with's fracture needs an mri.
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but the option was there and just to be fair to the capped cand system they do a good job of primary and secondary care but the united states has services that cannot be achieved. >> and the cone of care your wife needs would be difficult to obtain. it is great to have willness checks and those are wonderful things. but cathren it is troubling when faced with what you are. >> we appreciate you sharing your and we pray for a successful outcome. you don't need that pressure on top it of fighting the disease. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. (applause) >> kathryn got her coverage back she didn't get the original plan
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she had before obama carry began. will others get their plans back? we'll ask a health insurance @w
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back to huckabee. even though the administration said you can keep your cancelled health insurance plan two years, it is up to the insurance companies and state insurance commissioners whether or not to offer those plans back. so can you get your cancelled plan back? we invited the coea to come and they decloined. >> thanks for your expression of interest. this doesn't sound loc a right opportunity for us to participate. cigna said this. we are evaluating the impact on
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the policy purchase to determine the best approach for our health plan. it would not be appropriate for us to a pore on the governor's show. joining me is samuel gibes. he is a leading on line marketplace for individual and family health insurance products. thank you forking to what very now insurance executives want to do. why will not the companies and executives openly discuss the challenges they are facing? >> the reality is that they are not nimble organizations. for them they spend months and years planning out the products. and for this case to say we'll make a change is leak the airline industry and fa a say we have another hundred people to put on the airplane, can you do
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that? yeah, but we'll need's new airplane. in fairness with the health care companies they are not nimble. >> i want to be fair to them. i understand they have to go through the state regulatory process and show theiritablies are sound and financially prudent. why don't they tell the american public what the president is doing to them is a d a desdisruption. >> i know that is true. look what happened. basically last summer, president obama said if you have your plan you can kind of keep it and maybe and as you pointed out, it is not up to president obama. it takes the state regulators to
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agree agree. and we are later making another change. and it takes a lot of planning and the governor's commissioner's office, and we have to get away from the knee jerk reaction. let it play out like it is supposed. to i can tell you from ehealth insurance. we deal with this all of the time. we are not a health insurance carrier and represent a bunch of plans. we are fighting the federal and state exchanges to help enroll low income folks. they are discriminated against. they can only wait in the health state exchanges. as your previous guest points out. it is complicated and the more
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qualified people to talk to, the better folks will be. >> sam, thank you for being here. i appreciate your willingness to speak out. it is harto get folks to talk about. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> one thing i would like to say to every insurance company, be reminded that the government works for you. and you have an oblegation to speak out. i don't care what business you have, don't act like the government is your boss. you are the government's boss and i would say that to every american act like that. and remind them whose boss is who. that is how we save america. remind the government who the boss really is. they and their seven children
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were facing deportation to germany and now all of the sudden, the government said they could sea. what caused the reversal.
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well, good news for a german home schooling family whose story we featured on the show. >> they had fled germ no where home schooling is against the
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law and seltzed in tennessee. the department of justice denied a sylum. this week department of the homeland security granted the family indefinite deferred status. and they are allowed to stay in america and home school seven children. they joan us from the home in tennessee and also with us is the attorney with the home school legal defense association. >> congratulations. what relief this is for you and your family. were you surprised when the ruling came's day after the supreme court said they will hear the case? >> we were so reloved and happy about the good nows. and so we just are rejoicing. >> it caught all of us off
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guard? >> we came here because we felt like god was leading us to the united states and from day one, we trusted that god would help us and when we came here and all of the troubles began, we were trusting him. he said call upon me in the day of trouble and i will deliver you and we upon that it god would be doing something and we know that there are thousands of people praying. and i think it was an answer to prayer. >> everybody is sympathetic with you dealing with one this is not ready for television. nhannah. what did this mean to you personally. >> the relief you felt and you were no longer faced with deportation hanging over your
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head. >> yes, we were very reloved and took a while to believe it and now we are happy about the decision. >> we are all very happy about it. and i want to go to michael ferris. michael. this is a roller coaster of a legal battle. and status and what happen and how confident are you that this settles this? >> for this family that settle its on an essentially permanent basis as long as the family doesn't get in legal trouble for fell nos and things like that. they will be allowed to it stay as long as their children are home schooled. and it is good news for them and it is a zñ=eat day. the problem with this particular outcome, it doesn't set
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a positive precedent. there were other families in germany that would like to come to the united states. there are things in the court decision is troubling about inviting people who need to come for religious freedom reasons. all of those things need to be addressed. >> we are so glad this turned out well. we hope in the future it doesn't go through this. 127,000 people signed the petition to help support the family. thank you and congratulations. so very happy for your family. >> thank you. god bless. >> and coming up. former army arrangerrr -- rang
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kenny thomas is here. ♪
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. >> he served our country as a member of the u.s. army rangers. now a country music artist and he continues to serve for our troops overseas. he has a brand-new album called "give it away." would you welcome keni. thomas. is there anything? >> we write these huge giant country hits. this morning, this particular
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morning, we stood up like, what do we got to write that country mievg needs, that country music fans can never get enough of? that would be another song about mexico. then the good thing about songs about mexico, you know what will happen, will you go south of the border, who something with someone you shouldn't have done with. it will all revolve around this rhyme. you know you will put the word "seniorita" that will rhyme with a mixed drink, which will be. >> margarita. >> i worry about this audience. >> here we go. ♪ heading off for spring break ♪ can't wait ♪ going to have the time of our life ♪ but the cooler is running low shots so we're pulling for another bag of ice. ♪ she was leaning on my front hood, whew, she was looking good ♪ a couple coronas and she said you're new in town ♪ let me show you around
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♪ we find out she love left me to her friend ♪ here goes another sad song about a trip gone wrong ♪ down in mexico. ♪ a van and a girl with a tan down at the tex a co ♪ singing, ayayaa, i'm with the wrong seniorita ♪ ayaya i want too many margaritas ♪ how it all happened i don't know ♪ i blow espaniol. another sad, sad song about the a trip gone wrong down in mexico. >> the mariacci solo. very good ♪ i knew i was in trouble when i started singing double ♪ because i was singing with a
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mr. ariacci band ♪ maria does a rumba, i'm singing la bamba, is that a preacher with a bible in his hand? ♪ i woke up in the bed there's a pounding in my head ♪ maria says, buenos, mi, ammore. there's a ring on my finger, your honor, ask that grounds for divorce? ♪ here goes another sad song about a trip gone wrong down in mexico ♪ mariacci band and girl with a tan at the texaco ♪ singing ayaya, i fell in love with the wrong seniorita. you all ready? ♪ ayaya, i want to marry margarita. >> yeah. ♪ now, how it all happened, i
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don't know ♪ though i flow espaniol, about a sad, sad song going wrong in mexico ♪ i'm going to spend the rest of my life drunk on some beach with my beautiful wife [ music playing ] ♪ ay, that's a good song ♪ 'bout a trip gone wrong down in mexico ♪
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. >> they sued for the world trade center cross, it was formed when two beams melted into what appeared to be a cross. it was discovered by rescue workers who found solace in the
11:58 pm
presence of the cross. many of the workers, christian, jewish and others were encouraged and given hope as they encountered the site of the beams. but not everyone was encouraged. the american atheists had sued to prohibit the display of the beams in the museum, which tells the story of the world trade center and the selfless heroes who initially risked their lives to save the lives buried in the rubble and then spent months risking their safety and health looking for the remains of those murdered on 4611. whether the atheists group like it or not, that cross is the story of the rescue effort. i'm tempted to simply say to the atheists, get over it, you self absorbed whiney loons, but that wouldn't be nice, so let me try to say it another way t. atheists claim the mere presence of the cross cause them to suffer indigestin, depression, headaches and more physical symptoms.
11:59 pm
seriously? it takes more faith to believe that nonsense for them to just say they can't stand it for some people to have a joy that escapes their pathetic lives. well, the case is now pending before the u.s. court of appeals, by the way, if i sued someone every time i good offended by those who treated my faith with ridicule and contempt, i'd keep a large law firm in business. i'm not in the least offended by the jewish star of david or by the muslim moon and stars, but i am offended that an activist group of atheists get their shorts in a wad because the atheists say a couple of pieces of metal beams of scrap metal might get in their way. if i were the judge, i'd tell the atheists since they think other people are stupid to see something spiritual in fwheems, then just laugh at them for seeing something in scrap metal and get a life. by the way the good news is the ultimate judge will still like to give even those atheists an eternal life.
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well, that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. until next week, good night, god bless and stay


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